Need Help with meal prep?

Here's how I can help you meal prep!



Do you struggle with meal planning?

  • Do you struggle with planning meals for yourself or your family? 
  • Are your grocery bills out of control?
  •  Do you feel like you can’t get dinner on the table in a timely manner? 
  • Do you struggle with what to cook? 
  •  Eat out too much?


Unsure of how to plan?

Busy lifestyles are causing us to step away from the dinner table and head to fast food drive-thrus. Is this the healthiest choice? No. Is there a way to shop, cook, and have a healthy meal on the table? Yes. But how?


Let's do this!

Well, I’m here to help!  Let me assist and guide you in how to plan weekly meal plans that work for you and/or your family. You will learn to plan and prepare a proper shopping list.  Plus, batch cook for leftovers. It will reduce stress, reduce your grocery shopping time and bill, and you will create meals that everyone will love!

Glass Storage Containers

Plan, Prep, & Create Worksheets

Glass Storage Containers


My favorite Glasslock glass storage containers. 

  •  Freezer safe.
  •  Microwave safe.
  •  Oven safe. 

Portable Meal Warmer

Plan, Prep, & Create Worksheets

Glass Storage Containers


Hotlogic is a great product to take to the office for cooking and/or slowly reheating meals. The glasslock  glass containers or Balanced Bites Frozen Meals reheat great!

Plan, Prep, & Create Worksheets

Plan, Prep, & Create Worksheets

Plan, Prep, & Create Worksheets


Meal Planning worksheets with tips and tricks on how to navigate planning, prepping and creating delicious meals.


Reusable Plastic bags great for 

food storage and preparation.


Glass Mason Jars 

with white plastic lids.

Great for food storage after prep!

Plan, Prep, & Create

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Love Livin' Low Sugar

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Plan, Prep & Create Worksheet

Here's a worksheet to get you started on the road to planning, prepping, and creating delish meals.